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Portal of Time: The Future, Part VII

by Joshua Lau

As they sang "Wannabe", and some of their other hits, the Spice Girls danced down the corridors and were later caught by security. They then were taken to the observation lounge and met Captain Picard and the rest of the staff.

"I am Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise." Picard asked them.

"USS...." Emma asked "Is this American? 'cause you sound French."

"We represent the United Federation Of Planets." Picard continued, "A federation of several hundred worlds peacefully coexisting in a society."

"Do you still have wars?" Emma asked him.

Riker answered, "We still have wars, but we do whatever we can to not provoke them. We are currently at war with the Dominion who is determined to conquer the Alpha Quadrant."

"How awful," Emma said.

Victoria said, "What do you do for money?"

Deanna answered, "Except for the black market, we've eliminated money, and it also eliminated poverty, hunger, destitution......."

"I think I know what that means," Victoria said.

"SHOPPING SPREE!!!!" said Emma and Geri.

"Oh, how rude of us," Mel C said, "We haven't introduced ourselves yet. I'm Melanie Chisholm."

"I'm Emma Bunton," said Emma.

"I'm Melanie Brown," said Mel B.

Geri then said, "I'm Geri Haliwell."

Finally, Victoria said, "I'm Victoria Addams."

They all said in unison, "We're the Spice Girls!"

Mel C for some reason then said, "Girl Power!"

"My first officer, Commander Riker will escort you to the transporter and give you a tour of the ship, and we will drop you off at Deep Space Nine after the Enterprise finishes its patrol," Picard said.

Geri said to Riker, "You're cute!"

"I'm engaged," he said.

"Oh. Never mind."

As the Spice Girls left, Picard asked Deanna Troi, "Do you sense anything?"

"Nothing hostile if that is what you are thinking," she answered. "What I could tell is that they are a music band from the late 20th century that happen to be here in the 24'th."

"So there is nothing to be worried about?"

"I think so, except you might want to empty one of the cargo bays."

Emma came back and asked, "Can we bring our stuff over from our ship?"

"Of course," Picard said, "I'll have your belongings beamed into Cargo Bay Two."

Mel-C reached Emma's shoulder and dragged her back with the tour.

As Stefano and the Maquis piloted the Battleship back to the Maquis base, the Maquis that remained on the base celebrated almost like it was New Years Eve.

"So, Stefano," Mimi asked, "What will you name this ship?"

"Queen Of The Night of course!" Stefano said, "Queen Of The Night."

Andre asked, "What do we do now, Mr. Dimera?"

He said, "We will repair the ship, and modify the ship to our own needs, modify our ships with Dominion weapons, and then capture my Queen Of the Night! First I will conquer her, then Deep Space Nine and then Cardassia!"

To Be Continued.......


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