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Portal of Time: The Future, Part VIII

by Joshua Lau

Captain's Log, Stardate 52526.5, the Enterprise and the Defiant have returned to Deep Space Nine from their patrols. No unusual activity was recorded. The Republic has resumed its patrol of the Cardassian border, and the Enterprise is dropping off its passengers and their cargo to Deep Space Nine.

The Enterprise docks at one of Deep Space Nine's pylons and The Spice Girls go through their things to see what they want to keep or throw away.

"OOH! My platform shoes!" Emma said, taking out a box of platform shoes.

Mel-C asked, "Don't you have fifty pairs of those?"

"Where'd this sitar come from?" Geri asked.

"I don't know," Victoria said.

"Where's our CD's?" Mel-B asked, rummaging through some of the cardboard boxes.

Data comes behind her and said, "I've taken the liberty of storing all of the songs into these isolinear chips."

"All of our songs in five of those little chips?" Mel-B asked. "Computers must have advanced alot over the years. It used to take dozens of CD's to contain all of our songs!"

"You are correct." Data said.

"What about our videos?" Mel-C asked going through another box.

"Here you go." Data said, giving her a few more isolinear chips.

Emma then said, "Remember how many videos we had?"

The other Spice Girls rose their heads up and none of them seemed to remember.

Data then said, "You have had 50 videos, 3 movies..........."

"Thank you Mister Data." Victoria said, interrupting him.

After they finished gathering the things they wanted to keep, they went towards the airlock with Commander Riker.

"Thanks for the tour and all" Geri said.

"No problem," said Will as Deanna gave him a mean look. "Something wrong Deanna?" he asked her as the airlock closed.

They were met by Captain Sisko.

He said, "Welcome to Deep Space Nine. I'm Captain Benjamin Sisko. This is my first officer, Major Kira Nerys, and this is Commander Dax, the station's science officer."

"Hi." Emma said and the Spice Girls introduced themselves again.

Victoria asked Kira, "Is there something wrong with your nose?"

"No, Why?" she asked.

"The ummm...."

"Oh! My nose! Well, all Bajorans have them."


The group made their way to their quarters and they dropped off some of their things. They then went to the Promenade to have a shopping spree. Meanwhile, Jerry and Marlena picked up their kids from school.

"Eric, Belle, Carrie!" they said.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"You know, our life is great isn't it, Doc?"

"It is," Marlena said. "Wonderful children and a wonderful husband!"

Jerry, Marlena, and the kids went to the turbolift.

And in Garak's shop.......

Dukat went in and asked, "Why do I have to work here, I have an empire to run!"

"Don't you mean Tamar and Weyoun have an empire to run?" Garak asked. "He did take over the Cardassian Dominion alliance when you were taken by the Federation when they retook the station, didn't he?"

"and why do I have to work here?" Dukat asked, "I could be working security or intelligence or....."

"Captian Sisko and Constable Odo were quite generous in letting you leave security holding, but he wanted me to keep an eye on you in case you do something....."

"Like what?"


"Me? sabotage this station? HA!"

"Well, just in case. Here, can you watch the shop for me, it's time for my lunch with Doctor Bashir." Garak ended as he left the shop.

Jennifer watched them and activated her transmitter. "I have bad news, Mr. Dimera....... They are married.........Of course Mr. Dimera..........Right away, Mr. Dimera."

Jennifer went to Garak's shop. Dukat was behind the counter and he asked, "May I help you?"

Jennifer asked, "Are you Gul Dukat?"

"Yes, why?"

Jennifer then shot him and stuffed him in a large bag. She took Dukat to her ship and left the station.

In Ops, The Spice Girls meet with Captain Sisko and Odo after their shopping spree.

"We'd like to set up a concert," Geri said.

"Why?" Sisko said.

"Well, we heard of the war with the Dominion and what the crew of the station has gone through with the war," Emma continued, "and I think if we had a concert, it might cheer them up."

"What about security?" asked Odo.

"Promenade security will be alright," Sisko said, "I agree with them, a concert would be good for crew morale. You can have your concert in two weeks."

On Stefano's base, Stefano addressed his followers. Sonic Hypnotic mirrors were placed behind him. "The time has come to take Deep Space Nine! And then we take on the Dominion! Our ships will be equipped with thier weapons and we will defeat them. We shall take Cardassia and make every Cardassian, Vorta, and Jem'hadar pay for what they have done to us! And the first squadron of our ships are ready! Let's begin phase one!"

The Maquis cheered him as he made his speech.

Several Maquis raiders and the "Queen Of The Night" left the base for Cardassian space.

To Be Continued........

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