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Portal of Time: The Future, Part III

by Joshua Lau

Also came out of the airlock was Jerry White, The Republic's Tactical Officer. He has a resemblance to John Black. He is met by Marlena Horton and they walk down the corridor, they talk and hug, and kiss. Stefano jealously stares at them.

Mimi then says, "It seems like this Marlena Horton has a fiancee. What will we do now?"

"What we always do." Stefano assures her, "We'll break the two apart and I will become her lover!"

Mimi asks him, "Will this work?"

"We've done it before." Stefano answered assuringly.

"Of course you have a plan?" Mimi said.

"Of course I have a plan!" Stefano said, "but first we must buy one of these ships that they have, and maybe a crew."

"What will we do for money?" Mimi asked.

Stefano reached in his pouch and found several bars of Gold Pressed Latinum.

"I think this is the money in this era." He said. "We'll use these."

In Ops, Benjamin Sisko is contacted in his office.

Jadzia Dax said, "There is someone here to see you, Captain. Someone by the name Stefano Dimera."

Sisko answered, "Send him in."

The double doors at the front of the office opened. Stefano and Mimi entered.

"Hello, I am Captain Sisko, commander of Deep Space Nine." Sisko asked.

"I am Stefano Dimera, and this is my assistant Mimi, I would like to buy a ship." Stefano said.

"I'm sorry, I cannot sell ships." Sisko told him.

Stefano said, "What about all those ships out there?"

He pointed at some of the ships hanging around outside the office window.

"Those aren't for sale." Sisko said, "Those ships are protecting this station from Dominion attack. I cannot sell, lend, or give you these ships because they are not mine."

"I'm sure you could do something." Stefano said, handing Ben several bars of latinum.

Sisko asked him, "Are you trying to bribe me?"

"I'm trying to give you something for something in return." Stefano said. "A favor perhaps?"

"I don't have a use for that, and if you're trying to get a ship," Sisko said, "Go ask Quark. He'll give you something, I don't know what it is but he'll give you something."

They head down to the Promenade and to Quarks.

Quark comes to Stefano and asks, "What's your pleasure?"

"Are you Quark?" Stefano asked.

Quark then asked, "Are you here to to arrest or interrogate me?"

"No I'm here to buy something."

"Then you came to the right man. What do you want?"

"I'd like a ship."

"I can tell you where you can buy one."


Later, they make their way to a shipyard where they buy a small ship. It was slow, had four crew quarters, a small, crampt bridge, and light weaponry.

"This will do for now," Stefano said. "Mimi, let's return to Deep Space Nine!"

The ship went to warp.

To Be Continued.......

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