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Portal of Time: The Future, Part IV

by Joshua Lau

Stefano's ship enters the Badlands.

Inside, a computer monitor beeps.

"What is it?" Stefano said.

Mimi, looking at a computer screen says, "A ship is on an intercept course. The computer says it belongs to an organization called the Maquis. We are being hailed."

On the screen was a Maquis pilot. He says, "I am Andre of the Maquis, This is our territory. Turn back."

Stefano then says, "I hear you are having some problems with the Cardassians."

"Yes," Andre says,"After they joined the Dominion, they wiped out half of my cell."

"Perhaps I can help you." Stefano said.

"Follow me." Andre says.

"What will we do?" Mimi asked, "They could be hostile."

"I made a sonic hypnotic mirror just in case." Stefano said, "I'll make them follow me if they like it or not!"

Stefano's ship follows the Maquis ship further into the Badlands.

Meanwhile, on the Republic, still docked at Deep Space Nine.....

Jerry enters Captain Lanie's ready room.

"I'd like some shore leave," he says.

Captian Lanie asks, "What is the purpose of your leave?"

"I need to spend time with my wife and children who are living on Deep Space Nine," he says.

"Granted," she says. "We're going to patrol the Badlands and we should return to Deep Space Nine in three weeks. We'll pick you up then."

"Thank you captain."

Jerry leaves the office and is followed by Captain Lanie. She commands,"Prepare for departure everyone. Contact Ops for clearance."

"Ops has cleared us." Said Lieutenant Aquino who is relieving Jerry while he's on leave.

"Release docking clamps." Captain said.

Lt. S. Squirrel said, "Docking clamps released."

"Maneuvering thrusters at 1/2." She commanded the helmsman.

The helmsman said, "Aye, Maneuvering thrusters at 1/2."

The Republic moved out as Jerry, Marlena, and the kids watched from the Promenade.

Back on the Republic.....

Lt. Squirrel says,"We're clear of the Station."

Captain Lanie then says, "Lt. Lau, set course for the Badlands, Warp Six."

The Republic goes to warp.

Meanwhile, Andre's ship and Stefano's ship land on an asteroid in the Badlands. They enter one of the asteroid's caves. Stefano and gang go to one of the Maquis bases.

Andre tells his group, "This is Stefano Dimera, he will help us in our fight against the Cardassians."

"What are you going to do?" a woman said.

Stefano answered, "I have a plan but it is a secret only to myself and to my assistant, Mimi."

"You've got nothing!" a man said, "Let's get him!"

"WAIT!!!" Stefano yelled, "I could be of use to you, all you have to do is trust me while I set up my plans!"

"What are they?" another man said.

"I will tell you all in good time." Stefano said. He also took out his sonic hypnotic mirror.

"OK, What else can you do for us?" the man said.

Stefano told them, "I can get you food and medical supplies here without anyone telling Starfleet anything!"

A woman said, "We'll join you!"

"Excellent!" Stefano thought, "Just as I planned, in the end, they won't know what hit them!"

To Be Continued.........

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