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Portal of Time: The Future, Part II

by Joshua Lau

Note: Suzanne Presley is the direct descendant of Elvis Presley and Susan Banks. (Elvis Banks married one of Elvis Presley's Great Grand Children)

Stefano came up to Suzanne and asked her, "What has gone on recently?"

"Well," Suzanne said. "A few weeks ago, them Starfleet ships came to a space station called Deep Space Nine, because it is near a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, Yes it is! Yes it is! Now it was occupied by mean mean mean space aliens from that there Gamma Quadrant and they are from the mean mean mean Dominion. A bad bad bad Cardassian named Gul Dukat let them use his home as a base in this here Alpha Quadrant. Now, there are tons and tons and tons of ships out there guarding this here Federation from those mean mean mean Jem hadarees, the soldiers of the Dominion who are lead by even more mean mean mean bad bad bad Founders....."

"I think that's enough, Suzanne. Thank you for the information." Stefano said. "We'll be going now."

"I just hope they don't get to me, my son Arron, and my doll, Lisa Marie which has been in my family for generations! Byebye now!"

"The Cardassians and the Dominion may be our key to getting Marlena's descendant." Stefano said.

Mimi asked, "Where can we find her?"

Stefano answered, "I think we could find a computer and trace her bloodlines."

"But which one is which?" Mimi asks, "There could be hundreds of people that are Marlena's descendants!"

"I'll find the right one." Stefano said. "Don't worry! My plan will work!"

Eventually, Stefano found a computer and accessed Marlena's descendants. There were several, but one caught his eye: Marlena Horton, divorced with three children, a doctor living on Deep Space Nine with her children, Eric, Carrie, and Belle.

Others included Tom Paris and William T. Riker.

"That's it!" he said, "We'll get a ship and go to this Deep Space Nine!"

Meanwhile, on Deep Space Nine, several Federation and Klingon starships wander about, guarding the station from Dominion attack.

The infirmary was busy today. Off course, Doctor Marlena Brady gave a padd to Doctor Bashir, "Here's the blood test result on Lt. T'sah."

"Thank you, Doctor Horton." he said to her.

She told the doctor, "Doctor Bashir, I'm going to pick up my children from school."

"All right," he said.

Chief O'brien came and said, "Isn't it wonderful that there are children? Keiko even reopened the school!"

"So, Miles," Bashir asked him. "What will we do today? Battle Of Britan? Raquetball? Darts?"

"How 'bout we do that spy program of yours?" Miles answered.

"Perfect!" Bashir said, as they left the room.

They leave the infirmary into the promenade, Federation and Klingon ships of all kinds can be seen from the Promenade windows, including a USS Republic.

"We have arrived at Deep Space Nine, Captain." said the helmsman.

"Very well. Communications, contact the station for docking clearance," said the captain.

The tactical officer then says, "Ops has cleared us for docking pylon three."

The Excelsior class ship approached its designated docking port. The airlock opened, and Stefano and Mimi exited.

"We have arrived, and I will crown Marlena Brady my Queen of the night!" he said. "My plan is going perfectly!"

To Be Continued...........

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