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Portal of Time: The Future, Part X

by Joshua Lau

The "Queen Of The Night" flies through space now surrounded by several captured Cardassian ships. Also the rest of the Maquis ships that Stefano has control of arrives.

South Park's Kenny gets sucked into a jet engine. He is chopped to bits and the bits are burned in that engine.

Stan then says, "OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KENNY!"

Kyle finished with "YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!"

Dukat shivering from the sight of seeing every episode of "Power Rangers", "Barney and Friends", "Beavis and Butthead", "Webster" and half the episodes of "South Park" Day and Night!

Dukat cries, "OK! I'LL TALK!!!!!!! I'LL TELL YOU ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! JUST MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!"

He tells everything he knows to Stefano. Afterwards, Stefano goes to the bridge and says, "Get me through to the fleet."

"You're on, Mr. Dimera." Andre said.

Stefano commanded, "To all ships, begin phase four!"

(Note: Phase One was capturing the Jem'hadar battleship.
Phase Two was installing the Maquis raiders with Dominion weapons and capturing Dukat.
Phase Three was capturing the Cardassian ships and interrogating Dukat.)

On the Republic.........

Lt. Aquino reports, "There is a large Dominion fleet heading towards us!"

"RED ALERT!!!!" Captain Lanie yells. "BATTLESTATIONS!!!!!!!!"

Squirrel reported, "We are surrounded by Maquis raiders!"

Aquino asked, "How did they get Maquis ships?"

Captain Lanie commanded, "Fire phasers!"

The ship is attacked.

Lt. Lisa Sugars then says, "Those aren't Maquis weapons!"

Squirrel reports, "Those ships are fitted with Dominion weapons, and I don't know how!"

"Hull Breach on deck 16!" said Lt. Sugars.

Lt. Squirrel says, "There are too many of them! I don't think we will be able to fight them off!"

"Then set course for Deep Space Nine, Maximum Warp!" the captain commands.

Lt. Lau engages the warp engines.

On Deep Space Nine..............

The Promenade bustled with activity as the Spice Girls are about to have their first concert in 300 years. They came out of the turbolift wearing thier usual clothes. They started singing "Wannabe".

During that, Sisko's communicator sounded. "Worf to Captain Sisko."

"Sisko here."

"Priority one message from the Republic, they are under attack."

"I'll be right over."

Sisko entered ops.

"On Screen." he commanded.

The viewscreen contained an image of the Republic's bridge. The ship rocked from exploding torpedoes.

She said, "The Republic is under attack by Dominion ships. We are heading to Deep Space Nine. We are being persued by 40 Dominion ships, mostly Cardassian."

"What is your ETA, Captain Lanie?" he asked.

"We'll arrive at Deep Space Nine in 10 minutes, that is if the attack doesn't destroy the ship first."

"We'll be waiting, Sisko out. Sisko to Rotarran."

General Martok's image appeared on the viewscreen.

Sisko said, "General, there is a large Dominion fleet heading this way."

Martok replies, "I see them."

"I believe you know what to do."

"I do."

He then turned to Kira and said, "Arm the defense grid."

The stations weapons came online, ready to defend the station.

During the concert, the Spice Girls are in the middle of "Spice Up Your Life."

Suddenly, Sisko's voice is heard over them saying "Red Alert, All hands to battle stations, this is not a drill."

"What is going on?" Geri asked.

The Republic arrives at Deep Space Nine, followed by Stefano's fleet, which fires. The Promenade is shaken by the attack.

"I think I know why!" Mel-B said as the group headed for the turbolifts.

In Ops,

"All ships and weapon stations, fire at will!" Sisko commanded as the Spice Girls arrive in Ops.

Stefano's fleet takes a pounding from the K'vort, K'tinga, Vor'cha, Constitution, Excelsior, Nebula, Galaxy, Sovereign and Miranda class ships defending the station, including the Republic.

On the Republic......

Squirrel reported, "We are surrounded by Maquis raiders!"

Captain Lanie commanded, "Fire phasers!"

On Deep Space Nine, the shield generators are hit.

"We've lost shields!" Dax reported.

In the Infirmary, Marlena is beamed away.

Bashir reports, "They have beamed one of my medical staff to their ship."

"Acknowledged." Sisko said.

Dax reported, "They are hailing us!"

"On screen!" Sisko yelled.

Stefano appeared on the screen and demanded, "This is Stefano Dimera of the Maquis ship Queen of the Night. We have destroyed your shields, and we are preparing to board your station. Surrender now or be boarded.........."

The Spice Girls saw his face, and one of them said, "My God! That's Stefano Dimera!"

The conversation was monitored by the Republic, the Rotarran, the Enterprise-E, the Defiant, and the other ships in the fleet.

Picard asked Data, "Can we block their transporters?"

Data replied, "We can use the same technique the Prytt used to abduct you and Doctor Crusher on stardate 47304.2."

Picard then said, "Make it so, and have all of the other ships do the same."

As the Queen Of The Night beamed its troops to Deep Space Nine, the Federation and Klingon ships intercepted the beam with their tractor beams and the troops were beamed to the brigs of those ships.

"Mr. Dimera! Our boarding parties! They are not arriving at thier designated beamin sites!" Andre said.

Suddenly, a voice came out. "This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. WE have intercepted your boarding parties and placed them in our brigs. Surrender your vessels or be destroyed!"

"We must leave!" Stefano said. "We are outnumbered and outgunned!"

"But we've come this far!" Andre said. "We could still win!"

"No, but I still have my prize!" Stefano said "RETREAT!!!!!!!"

The Federation and Klingon ships and Deep Space Nine fire upon the Queen Of The Night and its companion ships.

Kira reports, "They are going to warp!"

"Let them go!" Sisko said.

The ships went into warp, followed by phaser, torpedo, and disruptor blasts, all missing the ships as they were no longer there.

In DS9's ward room, Sisko, Kira, Odo, Picard, Riker, Data, Lanie, White, Aquino, Martok, and Worf met to discuss what happened.

"We know that the remaining Maquis cels that did not join the war effort joined this Stefano Dimera and captured Dominion ships and weapons." Worf said.

"How is what I want to know." said Picard. "Data, who is this Stefano Dimera?"

Data replied, "There is no one named Stefano Dimera in the Federation database that has joined the Maquis."

Odo continued, "Or in my criminal records."

"Then where did he come from?" asked Riker.

"He could be under an assumed name," said Lanie.

"We also know that he has my wife," Jerry said.

"We know who he is." Geri said as the Spice Girls entered the room.

"Then who is he?" asked Sisko.

"He's from the 20'th century." said Mel-C. "He used to have an international crime ring."

"May I use this?" Mel-B asked.

"Go ahead." said Sisko.

"Computer, access the files for a Stefano Dimera and Marlena Evans, time: late 20'th century, and in Salem, Earth."

The computer found a picture of Stefano Dimera and Marlena Evans. The computer said that Stefano mysteriously disappeared and Marlena Evans was married to John Black, Roman Brady, and Don Craig. She had eight children, Don Craig Jr, Carrie Brady Reed Horton, Sami Brady Reed Reed, Eric Brady, Belle Black, Brady Black, Donald Black, and Susan Black.

"She looks like my wife!" Jerry said.

"Exactly. He has been obsessed with her for years," Vickie said, "The reason why he kidnapped her is because she is Marlena Evans' descendant and looks exactly like her."

"You wouldn't want to imagine what he could do to her!" Mel-C said.

"We have to find her!" Jerry said.

Sisko tapped his commuicator,"Sisko to Dax!"

"Dax here" she replied.

"Have you tracked the course of the Maquis fleet?"

"They have already entered the Badlands."

"We'll have to search it." said Lanie.

"How?" asked Riker, "The Sovereign, Nebula, Vor'cha and Galaxy class ships are too slow to navigate through the plasma storms!"

"We'll have to use the smaller cruisers then." White said.

"All right, we'll assemble a fleet consisting of Intrepid, Excelsior, Constitution, Miranda, and K'tinga class cruisers," said Sisko. "We'll also take the Defiant and the Birds Of Prey. The Galaxy, Sovereign, Nebula, and Vor'cha class ships will stay and protect Deep Space Nine."

A fleet of those ships lead by the Republic, the Defiant, and the Rotarran leaves Deep Space Nine to search for Stefano and his fleet.

To Be Continued.......

Part XI

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