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Portal of Time: The Future, Part XI

by Joshua Lau

While the fleet of Federation and Klingon cruisers search the Badlands for Stefano's base, Stefano and Marlena enter a chamber on the Queen Of The Night.

"What do you want with me?" Marlena asks.

"Why Doctor Horton, you of course!" Stefano says as he turns on the lights. The room was filled with pictures of Marlena (Evans) and replicas of almost everything Marlena Evans had, such as the dress she wore in Paris.

"You're obsessed!" Marlena said.

"Will you do me the honor of......" Stefano was interrupted.

Marlena interrupted him, "I'm a married woman I'll never give you anything!"

"Forget him, your children, and everything else!" Stefano yelled, "You are MINE now!"

"NEVER" Marlena said, "The Federation will look for me! There's probably a fleet searching this place for me!"

She was right. The Defiant, the Republic, and the Rotarran searched the Badlands.

"I've found something on long range sensors captain," Commander White reported.

Lt. Squirrel said, "It's the same ships that attacked Deep Space Nine."

"Contact the Defiant." Captain Lanie said. "Captain Sisko there are several ships on long range sensors."

He replied, "We see it. We'll contact the fleet and we'll rendezvous here."

Soon, the entire fleet of ships arrived, and they used the plasma storms to protect themselves from being caught by the Queen Of The Night.

"The fleet has arrived." Dax reported.

"Ensign Nog, get me to the fleet." Sisko said.

Nog reported, "Hailing frequency open."

"All ships. This is Captain Sisko. All Klingon ships and the Defiant will cloak and form in front of the Maquis fleet. The Federation ships will come in from behind it. The Republic will lead the Federation fleet while the Rotarran will lead the Klingon fleet. We'll decloak when the Federation fleet comes within range of the Maquis."

In the Badlands the Klingon ships and the Defiant cloak, leaving the Federation ships behind.

On the Queen Of The Night.

Andre reports, "There is a large number of Federation ships coming out of the plasma storms.

"Where?" Mimi asks.

"From behind us."

"Get Stefano up here!"

In Stefano's chamber......

"Marlena, my Queen, you are finally mine at last!" he says to her.

Andre calls him on the intercom. "Mr. Dimera, you are needed on the bridge."

"Duty calls." he says.

"Thank God!" Marlena gasps after he leaves.

As Stefano enters the bridge, Captain Lanie's voice is heard on the speaker, "This is the USS Republic to Maquis ships. Surrender or prepare to be boarded."

"Let's get out of here!" Stefano ordered.

On the Rotarran, Worf reports, "They are powering up engines."

Martok then says, "Now!"

Worf then taps a few buttons and the entire Klingon fleet decloaks in front of them.

Martok says, "This is the Rotarran. Surrender or die!"

"We will never surrender!" Stefano says.

"Then you die." Martok says. "Open fire!"

As the Klingons and Federation ships attack, the Maquis raiders are launched. They are easily destroyed by the Klingon Birds Of Prey, the Mirandas and Intrepids while the larger Excelsiors, K'tingas, and Constitution class ships deal with the Cardassian ships the Maquis captured and the Queen Of The Night. Ships from both sides are destroyed, but most of the Maquis were taking a pounding.

Worf reported, "Some of the Cardassian ships have lost shields."

Martok commanded, "All ships, begin boarding plan C. on the Maquis ships that have lost shields."

On the bridges of the Cardassian ships, boarding parties of Klingon and Federation troops beam in and take over the ships, subduing the Maquis crew and taking over the ships. Then the Queen Of The Night's shields fall.

"All ships begin boarding the Jem'hadar battleship." Lanie commanded. Jerry heads for the transporter.

He then transports into the Queen Of The Night and searches for Marlena. He finds Stefano's quarters and Marlena tied to a bed. Jerry unties Marlena and beams back. Meanwhile, the Federation/Klingon boarding parties reach the bridge and take the bridge crew, including Stefano, Mimi, and Andre.

To Be Continued.......

Part XII (Conclusion)

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