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Portal of Time: The Future, Part I

by Joshua Lau

Note to fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This story, other than the scene in the limousine after John and Marlena's wedding, takes place several weeks after the episode: "Sacrifice Of Angels"

Salem, Earth, 1998

The wedding music plays as John and Marlena celebrate their long awaited marriage. They leave the church as the guests throw rice at them. They get into a waiting limousine.

In the limousine.......

Marlena asks John, "You know, this would not be possible if Stefano was here."

John answers, "That's a fact. With Stefano gone, he will never interfere in our lives again."

Marlena wonders, "Do you wonder what happened to Stefano?"

"I really don't care," he says. "He's gone and he will never harm us or our families again."

In the fourth dimension, Stefano and Mimi fall into a long tunnel. In the walls, they see the future:

Jack's freedom
Marlena and John's wedding
Jack and Jennifer's wedding
Austin and Carrie's bitter divorce
Mike and Carrie's wedding
Kristen's execution
Marlena and John's second and third children
Marlena and John growing old
Marlena's funeral surrounded by the entire population of Salem
World War Three
The launch of Earth's first warp powered ship
First Contact with the Vulcans
The Romulan wars
The formation of the Federation
The Klingon wars
The Enterprise
The Enterprise-A
The Khitomer conference
The Enterprise-B
The Enterprise-C
The Klingon/Romulan wars
The Cardassian wars
The Enterprise-D
Wolf 359
Cardassians abandon Terok Nor (AKA Deep Space Nine)
First contact with the Dominion
Voyager's disappearance
The Enterprise-E
Dominion takeover of Deep Space Nine
the Federation's return to Deep Space Nine

Suddenly, they are surrounded in a flash of light.

Salem, Earth, 2373

Stefano and Mimi hit the ground to what seems like the future Salem Place. All the stores have changed.

"This isn't Salem!" Stefano says. "Where are we?"

"I think we are in Salem!" Mimi points out a Johnny Angel's. "Look!"

They see Johnny Angels, but instead of the counter, they see a computerized menu of various Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, potato chips, and French Fries, Also on the menu were, Earl Grey tea, Ginger Tea, Jestral Tea, Mint Tea, Tarkalean Tea, and Valerian Root Tea. Next to the menu was a replicator.

Stefano also sees someone who looked like Susan.

"Susan," he yells, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, for starters," she said, "My name is not Susan. My name is Suzanne Presley."

"Whatever. Where are we, and what year is this?"

"Well, you mean mean mean person," she answers, "This is Salem and the year is 2373. Yes it is! Yes it is!"

"Well, at least she has Susan's personality." Mimi says.

"2373?" He tells Mimi. "We're in Salem but we are in a different time!"

"What will we do, Stefano?" she asks.

"What we always do!" he announces, "Track down Marlena's descendant and make her my Queen Of The Night!"

(They're Mimi, They're Mimi, and Di-me-e-e-era! NARF!)

To Be Continued......

Part II

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