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Hi, and welcome to my personal home page! I'm making a lot of changes here, so please bear with me....

I am currently a graduate student in the University of Maryland's Ph.D. program in French literature. I am fluent in French and Italian and love both languages. I hope to teach either French or Italian at the university level one day. I love French and Italian history, especially the French Revolution and Rousseau, and the Italian Renaissance and Machiavelli.

When I'm not in the past, I'm in the future -- I love Star Trek, especially DS9! I've been spending much of my time lately writing for my alter egos in various Star Trek Role-Playing Games. I've even put up a home page for one of my characters, Damaris Rudel, Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Valiant. I hope to put up a list of my other characters and their bios soon. I am currently active in two sim groups, Star Trek: Shadow's Edge and The United Federation of Planets.

I love both grand opera and soap operas. My favorite opera is Tosca and my favorite soap opera is Days of Our Lives -- I love Stefano DiMera! My previous webpage, Jennifer's Stefano DiMera Home Page, is now The Official Joseph Mascolo Home Page, the official home page of the Joseph Mascolo Fan Club.

Jennifer's Giuseppe di Stefano Home Page

Read about my favorite tenor!

Days Alternative Storylines

Read The Portal of Time, the first of an exciting series of Days of Our Lives alternative storylines! Then read the dramatic sequel by Joshua Lau, Portal of Time: The Future! Now you can read my final installment, Portal of Time III: Fiesole 1489!

Jennifer's Machiavelli Page

Read the text of a presentation I gave on the morality of The Prince

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I apologize to those who never received a response, the previous email address I had entered ( was not receiving mail for a long time so if you emailed me and I never answered, I probably never received the email.

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