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Portal of Time: The Future, Part IX

by Joshua Lau

The first wave of Maquis ships led by the "Queen Of The Night" again head for Cardassian space.

On the bridge, Andre asked Stefano, "Mr Dimera, wouldn't it be wise to take our raiders into the shuttlebays of this ship?"

"Why?" Stefano asked.

"We may have an added advantage if we hide our raiders from Dominion ships."

"Very well."

The raiders find their way into the "Queen Of The Night's" shuttlebays. It then warps towards Cardassian Space.

Jennifer's raider contacts the "Queen Of The Night".

"Jennifer Blake to Queen Of The Night, please respond."

Stefano answered, "'Queen Of The Night' here."

"I have the package and will meet you at the rendezvous point."

"Very well. We will meet you there."

"Acknowledged, Jennifer Blake out."

On Deep Space Nine, Garak discovers Dukat is missing.

"Garak to Sisko," he said, tapping a console.

"Sisko here," Ben responded.

"I think you should come to my shop."

Later, Sisko arrives at Garak's shop. Odo is there too.

"What went on here?" Sisko asks, as he sees a phaser burn.

"It appears Dukat has been abducted." Odo said.

"How?" Sisko asked.

"According to the sensor logs, someone came into the station, shot Dukat and beamed to a ship that departed ten minutes ago," Odo reported.

Sisko tapped his communicator and said, "Sisko to Ops."

"Kira here."

"Were there any ships that left Bajoran Space in the last ten minutes?"

"The Constitution Class starship Jupiter, and a Pergine class courier."

"Were there any personnel beamed onto any of those ships?"

"Both ships had personnel beamed from the station before departing."

"I don't think the Jupiter would abduct personnel from the station." Odo said.

Sisko then said, "The Maquis use Pergine class couriers, and we will have to track it down. Major, track the course of the Pergine class courier. Contact the Republic and tell it to look out for that ship. I guess we'll have to look for it in the Defiant."

"How do you know it was the Maquis?" Garak asked, "Didn't the Maquis join the war effort?"

Odo replied, "Some of my sources said that there were still some Maquis cells that did not join after the Dominion took Deep Space Nine."

"So this might be one of the remaining cells."

The Defiant leaves the station, meanwhile Jennifer Blake's ship docks with the "Queen Of The Night." Stefano then ties Dukat to a chair and flashes the Sonic Hypnotic Mirror at him.

"It won't work." Dukat said, resisting the mirror.

"You'll give in somehow." Stefano says, "No one can resist my Sonic Hypnotic Mirror!"

Dukat assured him, "A trained Cardassian mind can quite effectively resist most forms of interrogation and torture."

Mimi and Andre carried a large viewscreen as Stefano used a device that held Dukat's eyes open. Another Maquis carried in a cart that had several disks labelled "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers", "Power Ranger Zeo", "Power Ranger Turbo", "Power Rangers in Space", "Barney and Friends", "Beavis And Butthead", "Hee Haw", "Webster", "The Brady Bunch" or "South Park".

"We shall see." Stefano said.

The "Power Rangers" theme song started.

GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!!!...................

To Be Continued........

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