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Portal of Time: The Future, Part VI

by Joshua Lau

Back on Deep Space Nine, still many ships surround the station, including the Enterprise-E.

Sisko steps off the turbolift.

Kira tells him, "Captain, there is an urgent message from the Republic."

"On Screen" he says. Captain Lanie's image appears on the screen.

"What is your status, Captain Lanie?" He asked her.

She answered, "We have seen several hundred Maquis ships entering Cardassian space. I think it might provoke a Dominion attack."

"We'll put the station yellow alert. Inform Starfleet Command," he said. "Have the Defiant, and the Enterprise rendezvous with the Republic."

"Aye sir," several of the officers replied.

The Defiant detaches itself and goes to warp, followed by the Sovereign class Enterprise.

Meanwhile, in Cardassian territory, Maquis ships surround a large Jem'hadar battleship.

"Stefano Dimera to all ships," he said, "Target the ship's life support systems and engines."

The Maquis ships attacked the Jem'hadar battleship. Eventually, the battleship's life support systems were destroyed, as a squadron of Jem'hadar fighters arrived.

"Prepare to board the battleship," he said, as several crewmen put on spacesuits and beamed over to the Jem'hadar ship.

Stefano, Mimi, and Andre and several other spacesuited Maquis beam into the bridge of the Jem'hadar battleship as the fighters destroy the surrounding Maquis fighters. Dead Jem'hadar and Vorta litter the floor as if they were dead flies in a recently sprayed room.

Mimi then said, "Four Jem'hadar fighters are in weapons range."

"Destroy them." Stefano commanded.

As the Jem'hadar ships approached the Maquis fighters, the Battleship fired on the Jem'hadar, destroying them.

Andre reported, "All Jem'hadar ships have been destroyed."

"Prepare to return to our base." Stefano said.

"Mr. Dimera," Andre said. "What do we do with the dead Jem'hadar?"

"Throw them out into space," he said.

"Yes Mr. Dimera."

The battleship goes into warp as the dead Jem'hadar remain behind.

The Enterprise, the Defiant, and the Republic patrol the border.

On the Enterprise......

Captain Picard gets up from his chair, adjusts his shirt and asks, "Status Mister Data?"

Data checked the sensors, "No unusual activity. There is a small ship at the edge of long range sensors."

"Tactical officer, contact the Defiant."

"Aye sir."

"Worf here, Captain." Worf answered.

"Mister Worf, our sensors show a ship at the edge of long range sensors."

"We see it."

"The Enterprise will divert course to investigate. The Defiant and the Republic can continue the patrol, and we will catch up to you later."

"Yes sir, Defiant out."

Mister Worf's image disappears from the viewscreen and is replaced by an image of the afts of the Defiant and the Republic. The Enterprise turns and goes towards the object.

"Mister Data?" Picard asked.

"The ship is a DY-100 class sleepership from the late 20'th century and early 21st century," Data said. "It is the same class ship that......."

"I know Mister Data." Picard interrupted, "What is the designation?"

"It's called the "Spiceship."

"That's a strange name." Picard said, "Let's beam over a landing party."

Riker, Data, and Dr. Crusher beam over to the ship.

Dr. Crusher looked at her tricorder and said, "There are only five people on this ship. All in stasis."

"I've found the pods," Data said. "They are all intact."

Riker then said, "Let's check whatever information we could get on these people. I wouldn't want another group of genetically engineered megalomaniacs running around."

Data found a computer terminal and turned it on. "They seem to be a group of musicians."

"They seem harmless." Dr. Crusher said. "Let's beam them over to the Enterprise."

The landing party arrive in sickbay with the sleepership's passengers.

"Let's revive them," Dr. Crusher said as she hyposprays one of them.

They all wake up and Dr. Crusher says, "It's all right you are in the 24th century on a ship called the Enterprise. I'm Dr. Crusher, can you tell me who you are?"

One of them says, "I'm Baby Spice!"

Another says, "I'm Ginger Spice!"

And then, "I'm Scary Spice!"

And then, "I'm Posh Spice!"

And finally, "I'm Sporty Spice!"

They all said in unison, "We're the Spice Girls!"

And they begin to sing, "Wannabe."

(You know, "If you wannabe my lover, you got to get with my friends.......")

To Be Continued...............

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