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Portal of Time: The Future, Part V

by Joshua Lau

At Deep Space Nine, Marlena drops off the kids at Keiko's newly opened school.

"Be good now children," Marlena said, "We'll pick you up after school."

They say in unison, "OK Mommy."

"They are such wonderful kids aren't they?" Marlena says to Keiko.

"They are some of my brightest students." she says to Marlena.

Jerry comes and says, "Time for breakfast."

"Where to?" Marlena asks.

"We have the Replimat, The Celestial Cafe, Quark's, and the Klingon place." said Jerry.

"How about the Celestial Cafe." said Marlena, "Quark's is kinda noisy , the Replimat is packed, and I'm not too fond of having live worms for breakfast."

"Then the Celestial Cafe it is!" Jerry says to her as they hold hands.

Kira comes by and says, "Hello, Doctor Horton."

"Hello, Major." Marlena says to Kira. "Would you like to join us for breakfast?"

"No thank you." She says, "I'm just getting a Raktojino and heading to Ops."

Marlena then says, "Perhaps some other time?"

"Sure." Kira answers as she gets her Raktojino from the replicator.

"A friend?" Jerry asks.

Marlena says, "She's the station's first officer."


Jerry and Marlena have tea and Bajoran food at the Celestial Cafe. From the airlock, a woman watches them. She takes out a little transmitter from her jacket and turns it on.

"Andre, she's at the replimat with a crew member from the Republic," she says. "What is with this woman?"

Andre then tells her, "Our boss wants her to come to him, Jennifer. He says that she is essential to his plans."

"All right. Is there anything else?"

"Just wait for further instructions, Andre out."

The Republic arrives in the Badlands.

Captain Lanie asks, "Is there any suspicious activity?"

Lieutenant Aquino answers, "No unusual Maquis or Dominion activity along the border."

"OK, Keep scanning." Lanie says, "I want to know where the Maquis and Jem'hadar ships are. Lieutenant Squirrel, how are the sensors?"

Lt. Squirrel answers, "The sensors are unreliable in this plasma storm, Captain. We won't be able to scan anywhere inside the storms, but we can scan outside it."

"We'll just have to continue our patrols. Steady as she goes, Lieutenant. Full Impulse."

The Science Station computer bleeps.

Lt. Squirrel reports, "Captain, a large fleet of Maquis ships are emerging from the plasma storms!"

"Yellow Alert!" Captain Lanie commands, "Hail the lead ship!"

"On screen." Lieutenant Aquino said.

The screen showed Stefano.

"State your purpose," Captain Lanie said.

"We are doing some business that is of no significance to you," Stefano said.

"What kind of business is this?" Lanie asked.

"That is no concern to you," Stefano says. "However, I have something you may want to be concerned with."

He turns off the screen and several Maquis ships break formation.

"Red Alert!" Lanie commands.

Several of the Maquis ships fire on the Republic.

"Lock phasers on the weapons and engines!" She says, "Fire at will!"

The Republic fires its phasers and torpedoes onto the Maquis ships, damaging them. Some flee further into the Badlands.

"Damage report!" Lanie commands.

"Minor damage to the nacelle pylons. Shields are down to 65%, minor injuries." Lieutenant Lau reports. "All attacking Maquis ships are fleeing. Some are damaged."

"Secure from general quarters. End Red Alert." Captain Lanie commands, "Where are the other ships going?"

Lieutenant Squirrel reports, "They are heading for the Cardassian border."

"Continue our route and begin repairs," says the Captain, "We can't follow them or we might be caught by the Jem'hadar. Contact Deep Space Nine, advise them of our situation."

Several of the crew say, "Aye sir."

To Be Continued........

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