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Portal of Time: The Future, Part XII (Conclusion)

by Joshua Lau

The Federation/Klingon fleet arrives at Deep Space Nine, with the Queen Of The Night and the damaged Cardassian ships in tow.

On the Republic.....

Jerry enters his quarters and is surprised by Marlena and her kids in his quarters.

"How did you get here?" Jerry asked.

"Well, I've transferred over from Deep Space Nine!" Marlena says, "I've been promoted to Lieutenant Commander and posted on the Republic as the chief medical officer!"

Several days later, a Jem'hadar battleship arrives at Deep Space Nine.

Kira alerts Sisko, "Weyoun has come to see you."

"Send him in," he replies.

Weyoun walks in and says, "I know what you are going to say, captain........"

"What do you want, Weyoun?" Sisko asks.

"We would like the return of Gul Dukat to his people," he answered.

Sisko then said, "We still have some debriefing we have to conduct, perhaps you could pick him up later."

In the wardroom, Dukat is strapped to a chair and is forced to watch "Beavis and Butthead" while Garak interrogates him.

Back in Sisko's office.......

Weyoun asked, "What about the Maquis that stole our ships?"

"They claimed to have no recollection of what happened," Sisko replied, "From our medical analysis, they seem to have been under some sort of mind control."

"What about the one doing the mind control?"

"We have something special for him."

As the Republic orbits Earth. A runabout labelled "Girl Power" exits the shuttlebay. Meanwhile, the senior staff, including Captain Lanie, Commander White, Doctor Horton, Lt. Sugars, and Lt. Lau.

"So what are we here for?" Marlena asked.

"It's our new assignment." Captian Lanie said. "We have been ordered to transport Mr. Dimera and his assistant Mimi to the past."

"Why?" asked Jerry White.

"How?" asked Lt. Lau.

"We are going to use the slingshot maneuver around the sun, and no matter what time he is in, we are to drop Stefano and his companion off and return to the 24th century," she said.

"What if he tries to escape from the brig?" asked Marlena.

"He's not going to be in the brig." Lanie answered, "He will be in sickbay under a restraint force field."

Jerry asked, "When do we start?"

"When he is beamed up from Starfleet Command."

Lt. Sugars asked, "What if he tries to change the timeline?"

Lanie answered, "they will be transported down with no 24th century technology they could use to change the timeline."

Lt. Squirrel reported from the Bridge, "The passengers have arrived and are secure in Sickbay."

"We're on our way. It's time." Lanie said. The crew walked to the bridge.

Lanie then ordered, "Lt. Sugars, bring the metaphasic shields online, Lt. Lau, set course around the sun. Yellow Alert everyone. Engage!"

The Republic warps towards the sun, and then warps back........Without Stefano and Mimi.

Later, on the runabout "Girl Power"

The computer beeps. Vickie says, "We're getting a message."

"Who's it from?" asked Geri.

Vickie answers, "It's from Michael Jackson!"

Geri then said, "My god, he's still alive?"

Mel-C asked, "Shoudn't he be at least 400 years old by now?"

Emma then said, "It says, 'Spicegirls, Come meet me at my mansion.' Love Michael."

"I guess we shoud go," said Vickie.

The runabout Girlpower lands near what is still Michael Jackson's mansion, still with the rides for the little boys, falling apart after centuries of neglect. There was a grave, labelled "RIP Pebbles". The Spice Girls opened the door and entered the dark mansion. They were surrounded by Michael's paraphenalia, including several magazines and newspapers that had articles about Michael's mysterious disappearance.

Mel-C said, "It's dark in here. Is anybody home?"

"Here's the light switch." said Emma.

"Please, keep the lights off." a shadowed Michael said.

"Michael, is that you?" she asked.

"Yes, it's me. I had heard you have came to the future." he said, "You know I have changed alot in the past 300 years."

"Yeah so," Vickie said.

"This is how I look like now." Micheal came out of the shadows. He had transformed into a white woman! S/he still had the sequin glove and the shiny military-esque uniform. Also longer hair and know.

The Spice Girls gasped.

"How did you....." Mel-B asked.

"It is similar in a way a tadpole turns itself into a frog." S/he said, "You see the reason why I invited you here is because I want to join you."

"No way! Let's get outta here!" Geri said. "I wouldn't want a 'Hermaprodite Spice' running around!"

"Please come back!" Michael cried, "I'm so lonely!"

The Spice Girls left the building and the Spiceworld's engines are reved up and the runabout runs like hell.

Michael runs out of the house yelling, "Come back! I'll give you money! OOHHH! The sun! The sun is bad! Musn't see the sun!"

Michael runs back into the house like a vampire during the daytime.

Suzanne Presley, touring the estates of 20'th century celebrities, takes pictures of Michael Jackson.

She holds up her heirloom doll and says, "Ya know, Lisa Marie, that lady acts like a vampire, let's stay away from her from now on 'kay? Yes we will! Yes we will! Let's go to that nice Mister Elvis Presley's house. I hear he lived near here!"

In the 20th century, John Black and Marlena Evans are in bed. The song "Two Becomes One" plays.

"You think Stefano will be back?" Marlena asks.

John then answers, "Don't worry, I've made sure that he will never come back to us again."

"What if someone takes his place?" Marlena asks.

"I'll protect you, and I will keep you safe."

They then come closer and give each other a very passionate kiss.

The Spice adventure continues.........

Portal of Time III: Fiesole 1489

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