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Portal of Time III: Fiesole 1489, Part Twelve (Conclusion and Epilogue)

by Jennifer Loyd

“She’s alive,” André pronounces after examining Lisa, “and I don’t think she’s seriously injured, although she’ll have one killer headache when she comes to. We should get her to the hospital though, just in case.”

On the way to the hospital, Mimi tells André and Kristen the whole story: how she and Stefano had travelled to the future, how they had joined forces with the Maquis and captured a Jem’hadar battleship in an attempt to kidnap Marlena’s descendant, how they had been captured and taken to the USS Republic which then performed a slingshot maneuver to send them back into the past, how they had landed in the 15th century where Stefano had located his ancestors at the Palazzo diMera, how he had brought Marlena back through time, and how Mimi had come to the present to warn Kristen of the murder she must not commit, only to be locked in the secret room by her twin sister. “When I saw her lying there, I thought that I had caused the very event I had come here to prevent,” Mimi concludes.

“You left Stefano in the 15th century... to save Kristen’s life?” André asks, amazed.

“Yes,” Mimi answers simply.

“I don’t know how I can ever thank you,” Kristen says.

“See that Lisa gets the help she needs,” Mimi suggests. “She’s not a bad person, I don’t know why she did the things she did. But I believe she will make a full recovery, in time.”

“What will you do now, Mimi?” André asks.

“I’m going back to Paris,” Mimi declares. “I know it won’t be the same, but somehow I feel as though I must go back. I don’t even know what I’m looking for, really. A sense of closure, maybe. All I know is that something’s waiting for me there. Something... or someone.”

A few hours later, Mimi steps on board the plane which will take her back to where it all began.

Emilia, Caterina, Maggie May, Abigail, Josh, Tessa, John and Marlena are all heading back to the palazzo when Emilia asks, “Why are you going back? Stefano must know you’ve escaped, Marlena, he will be waiting for you.”

Marlena looks to John. “Don’t worry, he’s no match for all of us together,” John declares. And to Marlena he adds, “He’s never getting anywhere near you again.”

“Oh John, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be safe from that monster,” Marlena sighs.

John puts his arm around her protectively. “I promise you, Doc, I’ll always keep you safe. No one, not even Stefano DiMera, is ever coming between us again.”

“Emilia, Caterina,” Tessa asks the two women, “can you help us get back into the courtyard?”

“Of course, we’ll do anything we can to help you,” Caterina assures her. “But why do you need to go there?”

“It’s a long story,” Maggie says.

“Come around this way,” Emilia advises them, “you’ll be able to go in through a back entrance and from there, you should be able to get in the courtyard without any trouble.”

They do as she says and before long arrive in the rose garden, where Marlena and the others thank the two women for their assistance. “Have a safe journey,” Caterina calls out to them as she and Emilia go back inside.

“At long last,” John says as Tessa sends a signal forward through time, “we’re going home.”

“Lani, we’re getting a signal!” Toni reports.

“Open the portal,” Lani orders. “There should be six people coming back to the present. Genevieve, Andrew,” she commands, addressing two of the scientists, “prepare to close the portal after the sixth person comes through. We don’t want any uninvited guests and we don’t want to have to send anyone on any more unexpected rescue missions.”

“Not so fast,” Stefano announces, stepping out from behind a statue as Marlena gasps in horror. “Marlena stays with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you, Stefano!” Marlena protests.

“Oh, but you will,” Stefano insists. “You have seen the kind of life I can give you here, I can give you so much more than John ever could. Come with me, Marlena, my queen,” he beckons, coming closer, “and together we--”

“You stay the hell away from her, DiMera!” John yells, placing himself between Marlena and Stefano.

At that moment a glowing shaft of light appears a few feet away. “Quickly, into the portal!” Josh orders. Stefano moves quickly to intercept Marlena but the others block his path as John takes Marlena’s hand and together they disappear into the light....

When Mimi arrives in Paris she goes straight to the hospital where she had spent her last moments in the 20th century. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. She walks down the old familiar corridors, passing undetected as she had learned to do into the restricted area. The last time she was here, it was to bring Marlena to Stefano. She almost expects to see her here now, like before. But nothing is like before.

She pauses outside the door. The time machine project has surely passed into other hands now, it may not even still be here. She will only listen for a moment....

“They’re on their way,” Toni announces, and then John and Marlena materialize in the chamber.

“Welcome back!” Lani greets them. “The others are on their way, I presume?”

“They must still be back there with Stefano,” John realizes.

“Oh John, what if Stefano comes through the portal after us?” Marlena cries.

“Someone else is coming,” Toni reports.

Maggie May and Abigail step out of the portal. “We made it!” Abi yells triumphantly.

“Yes, but the others are still in the past,” Maggie reminds her. “I only hope they make it back without Stefano following.”

“If anyone can do it, Tessa and Josh can,” Lani asserts.

“They’re coming now,” Toni observes.

“Who? Tessa and Josh? or Stefano?” Marlena asks, concerned.

“I don’t think you two should stick around to find out,” Lani suggests. “In case Stefano does try to come back, you’d better get as far away as possible.”

“We’ll be in touch,” John says, escorting a much-relieved Marlena out of the room and leaving the door slightly ajar.

At that moment Tessa and Josh come through the chamber. “Close the portal, NOW!” Josh orders. But before his command can be carried out, Mimi rushes into the room and disappears into the portal, just as the light is extinguished.

Somebody shrieks. “What just happened here?” Lani asks.

“Who was that?” Abigail asks.

Without saying a word, Josh goes over to the computer which contains files on everyone who has been involved with the time machine from the beginning. He hits a few keys until the face he is looking for comes up on the screen. He stares at the screen for a moment, shaking his head. Finally he turns to the others. “Unless I’m very much mistaken,” he begins, “I believe I can explain.”

Adriano and Cristina watch from the window as Stefano vanishes into the light. “We made the right decision,” he says.

Cristina smiles. “I know we did. Now Marlena and John will be back together, where they belong. But what do you think will happen to Stefano?”

“I’m going to believe that he and Mimi will be reunited,” Adriano replies.

Cristina looks up, surprised. “Mimi?”

“She loves him deeply,” he continues. “He probably doesn’t even realize it. But if I know Mimi, she’ll find her way back to him.”

“Then everyone will end up with the one they love.”

“Yes,” Adriano says, smiling. “As it should be.”


As the scientists dispersed at the end of the day, Josh left the hospital with a good feeling. They had performed their first successful time-travel experiment, they had saved Marlena and trapped DiMera in time once again, and best of all, he had just enough time to make the Spice Girls concert. The concert was everything he could have hoped for, but the best came afterwards when Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, singled him out in the crowd and invited him backstage to meet the others... The Spice Girls all found him fascinating, but Emma in particular was quite taken with him, causing Josh to believe that maybe, just maybe, his hallucination in the tomb was not merely a dream but a premonition. They met again the next evening over a glass of wine in a small café on the Left Bank, and discovered they had many shared passions, including Star Trek! It wasn’t long before 2 became 1, and Emma became the second Spice Girl to announce her engagement. Together, they would live long and prosper....

John and Marlena went back to Salem and vowed that nothing would ever separate them again. They celebrated their reunion with champagne, strawberries and whipped cream....

Lisa underwent therapy and learned to work through her feelings of hostility toward her sister. Afterwards, she decided to head for L.A. and pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Her talent was discovered when she was cast in a short-term part on a soap opera, and shortly thereafter she landed a starring role opposite Leonardo diCaprio. It was love at first sight, and after a whirlwind romance they married and went on to make many blockbuster films, most of them together of course....

André never again doubted Kristen’s undying love for him. The two decided to renew their vows and go on a second honeymoon, since the first hadn’t exactly turned out as they had hoped. This time, they went to one of Stefano’s islands, where they could celebrate their love undisturbed. Nine months later André Jr. was born....

Stefano’s journey through time was interrupted by Mimi’s unexpected entrance into the portal. When the portal closed he found himself not in 20th century Salem, but instead in 19th century Venice at the Teatro La Fenice for the premiere of Simon Boccanegra. Unbeknownst to Stefano, Mimi too was in the audience that night. During the intermission, Stefano saw Mimi. Quickly, he got up and went towards her. “Mimi, I never thought I would see you again. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, Stefano,” Mimi sighed. “It’s a long story.”

Stefano smiled, genuine pleasure evident on his face. “Oh, Mimi, it doesn’t matter. You’re here now and that’s all I care about. Come, let us go back and enjoy the performance. I think we are just in time for the beginning of something wonderful.”

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